Jesse Lipson Tells Jim Collins: Here’s What’s Next

Last year in an article for, ShareFile founder Jesse Lipson shared how the ShareFile team set and defined its original Big Hairy Audacious Goal, also known as a BHAG, a term coined by business consultant, author and lecturer Jim Collins in his book, Built to Last.

Lipson discussed how in 2009, ShareFile’s BHAG was to hit 50,000 paying customers. And in imagining what that would look like, the team also decided ShareFile would have 500 employees and an office with its own cafeteria. Now part of Citrix, ShareFile hit that BHAG in 2014, so it was time to turn everyone’s attention to the future.

While busily working with employees to set the next BHAG, Lipson says, he was surprised at a seemingly ordinary package in the mail. As it turns out, it was a letter from Jim Collins himself asking Lipson and his team, “What’s next?”

In his latest article for, Lipson answers just that. He shares the newest BHAG for ShareFile and some insights about how his team selected it. In addition, he discusses some of the ways Citrix is already moving toward that next big goal.

Read the full post on to learn more about the new ShareFile BHAG and Lipson’s thoughts to Jim Collins.

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