Introducing the ShareFile Master Class

Citrix ShareFile has been serving small and medium businesses for more than eight years, and now that we are in the Citrix family, we are seeing increased interest in how important ShareFile is to the enterprise sector. With a growing customer base and lots of questions coming in, we launched the ShareFile Master Class in October 2012. Designed to educate potential customers interested in solving their file sharing problems, the class is an open forum for anyone interested in learning more about ShareFile Enterprise.

Guided by Enterprise Sales Specialist Sarah Kordulewski and Sales Engineer, Chris Anderson, the class starts off with background information on ShareFile and how the service fulfills the file transfer needs of enterprise customers. After a brief overview, Sarah moves into a demonstration of our most popular tools like the Outlook Plugin, ShareFile Sync and the mobile apps. For technical attendees, Chris jumps in throughout the presentation to discuss the architecture of the application in more detail. In addition, each class ends with a Q&A session open to all attendees and no question is off limits!

“It’s a great opportunity for companies to see a demonstration of the ShareFile Enterprise product while also getting a technical overview of the architecture,” says Sarah. “I love being able to have a virtual meeting where people all over the world can come and see the product as we update it and add new features. [The class] not only helps educate potential customers, it helps educate current Citrix employees, customers, and partners on the ShareFile product.”

Want to learn more about StorageZones? Interested in integrating ShareFile with Active Directory? Have some technical questions about how ShareFile works? Sign up for the ShareFile Master Class and get the answers to all of your questions. Click here to see upcoming classes.


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  • When do you plan the next ShareFile Masterclass? We signed up on a trial subscription of the Enterprise edition beginning this month and I need to learn more about ShareFile.