Introducing ShareFile custom workflows

Car accidents are stressful situations. After addressing everyone’s immediate medical needs and shaken nerves, the complexity of dealing with the insurance company and the claims process begins. Waiting for the claims agent, answering questions, playing phone tag for the next few days with the insurance company – the experience can be overwhelming and drawn out. On the insurance side, the agent wants to help the driver get the situation resolved quickly and easily, but outdated and manual processes stand in the way of better efficiency and a positive customer experience.

These are the exact scenarios and workflows Citrix ShareFile wants to help address for our customers. Most business have some kind of established workflow. Usually the process, policies and procedures are developed by corporate or the main office and then disseminated to the local or mobile workers throughout the business. When a particular event or business transaction transpires, the worker follows the predetermined process, which often entails filling out a document and sending it to a person to move the action forward. It seems straightforward. For example, when a car accident occurs, a representative will determine the damage to the vehicle and provide some kind of report for the office to assess coverage.

But this kind of manual process introduces considerable opportunity for confusion and breakdowns. What if the person supposed to receive the document is out of the office or leaves the department or company? What if the form the worker submits is incomplete and missing crucial details? Suddenly this straightforward process is taking valuable time and resources with little result. For the customer in the accident, this translates to talking to multiple insurance representatives and relaying the same information repeatedly just to start the process.

Given all of these potential challenges, ShareFile’s new Custom Workflows strives to automate that process so there are no questions or endless feedback loops. All the needed information, as well as triggers and actions, is established upfront in a customizable template so the worker knows exactly what information to provide. When they submit the information, it routes automatically to the next step and the person receiving it has everything they need to move the process forward. The result is completion of the workflow with significantly less frustration for all involved, especially the customer!

To see Custom Workflows in action, watch ShareFile’s Adam Omernik demonstrate the functionality in the video below.



ShareFile continues to focus on innovating around our customer needs. Our goal is provide tools that increase productivity and efficiency so you can focus on your customers. Not a customer yet? Try Custom Workflows today with a free trial!


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