5 ways to increase productivity in the new year

So, it’s the new year, and you’ve set your resolutions — or maybe like me, you haven’t. If you are like me, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time to make a plan to make this year your best. Here are a few tips on how you—and I, really—can increase productivity in the new year.

1. Organize your workspace.  Instead of waiting until spring cleaning, set up your workspace for productivity. Piles of paper on your desk can be a barrier to getting things done. Organize your workspace so that you can optimize your time. Find and set up a system that works best for you.

2. Create to-do lists.  I find it easier to complete the easy tasks on my list first. That way I can get the joy of marking off items from my list, and I can see the progress I’ve made. I also find it useful to break large tasks into multiple smaller tasks, so I don’t get hung up on the one big thing and lose focus.

3. Schedule time for email processing.  How many hours per day do you spend replying to emails? If you don’t know (and I don’t as I’m writing this post), take some time to figure out how you are budgeting your time. If you are constantly checking your email, rather than living out of Outlook, you could be losing valuable time that could be spent on your to-do list.

4. Set a timer for each of your tasks.  It’s easy to lose focus on a particular task and neglect others that need to be accomplished. By setting timers you can ensure that you won’t be overwhelmed with the deadlines of other tasks that haven’t been started yet.

5. Prepare for tomorrow.  At the end of each day, I make sure I organize my to-do list for the next day so I know exactly what I need to accomplish when I get to work the next morning. If there are tasks that are time sensitive, I mark them as such and prioritize accordingly.

What are ways that you increase productivity? I’m always looking for new tips and tricks!

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