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How to increase employee engagement the ShareFile way

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Employee engagement is a critical part of any business’ success. According to American Business Magazine, an employee engagement survey has found that “employees who identified themselves as happy in their positions are productive 80 percent of the time at work. Comparatively, employees who identified themselves as unhappy were only productive 40 percent of the time.” That can present a serious problem in the workplace. Moreover, other pieces of research and other surveys found that just 25 to 35% of the workforce across the U.S. are engaged in their work. Now companies are finding smarter solutions to boost employee engagement both internally and externally.


Employee engagement is nothing more than the measure of how invested your staff is in the organization. It’s no surprise that employee engagement has become a buzzword in today’s swanky corporate culture and business scene. Increasing employee engagement isn’t an approach that can be drastically changed overnight but is a series of culture changes and activities that add up to create a more engaged environment.


Recently, Citrix ShareFile ran an internal activation week for our new campaign, #NoDramaAllBusiness. Our internal marketing organization hosted trivia, giveaways, free food and much more! It was a huge motivator for employee engagement and corporate culture. There are also survey results to say interesting work is more engaging – as a result, our employees enjoy their work environment that much more! Additionally, we placed “work place sayings” scattered throughout our Citrix ShareFile location. The call to action: Tweet your #OfficeDramaIn5WordsorLess! We placed a plethora of Tweeting options throughout our Raleigh, N.C. office. See below for the top five inspirational, office drama sayings:


1) Someone microwaved fish today. We’ve all been there!


2) Locked out of email again. Every day, man!


3) Holding a meeting – about meetings. Again, really?


4) Someone switched my chair. Hope you’re not vertically challenged!


5) I can’t remember my password. Do we really need to change our passwords every 90 days?



Undeniably, research suggests that engaged employees find their workload easier to manage and are generally happier. This may circle back to the idea that if you enjoy your work, your environment and co-workers, then you are more likely to engage in company campaigns and events.


Did our office drama inspire you? Share in the comments below your #OfficeDramaIn5WordsOrLess!