How to work securely and efficiently on a tablet

This time of year both cherished and dreaded – spring arrived and thus begins wedding season. Between college friends, relatives, and colleagues, my calendar quickly filled with festivities near and far. But still new to my role at Citrix, I was apprehensive to leave work completely behind. With cross-country flights booked and baggage costs at an all-time high, I felt hesitant cramming a delicate laptop into a heavy, overstuffed suitcase. Fortunately, I travel with my husband, who does not travel anywhere without two phones and a tablet.

When we land at the wedding destination, I check any communications missed during the flight.  After signing into the hotel wireless and a quick glance at email, I realize a monthly report is due before close of business. Using the Citrix Receiver App for my iPad, I securely sign on to Citrix’s secure network and access the systems and data needed to complete my report.

After retrieving the new data, I open the ShareFile mobile app and download the latest report spreadsheet. Thanks to ShareFile’s sync, I see that during my flight a coworker added fields to the report. After inputting the latest data, I save the workbook back to ShareFile. Since time is of the essence, my boss receives an automatic notification that I updated the file and is able to check my work immediately.

I take one final look at email and notice the last piece of onboarding paperwork hit my inbox. There is a tax form that requires my signature. Instead of trudging downstairs to the hotel business center to print, sign, and scan the form, I open the link in RightSignature. I just draw my signature, hit submit, and the completed form is back on its way to the Human Resources team.

Work/life balance is never easy and prioritizing career can often interfere with time spent with friends and family. With mobility, I function fully and easily as a professional from any device, able to jump right back into the celebration without missing a beat.