How to Work From a Trade Show

The flight is booked and the hotel room reserved. You’re ready to head to San Francisco, New York, or Nassau for a few days of networking, break session coffee, and exciting keynote speakers.

But conference attendance isn’t a vacation from the office. How prepared are you to put together an unexpected report for your boss or client at the last minute?  Could you continue moving a critical project forward when you’re away from the office for multiple days? Just because you’re away from the desk does not mean the expectation to get work done fades. With readily available mobile technologies, today’s workforce is under more pressure than ever to stay productive whenever, wherever – even while at a conference.

How do you find time to work between travel, networking, attending back-to-back presentations and conference events while perusing the trade show floor for new ways to grow and optimize the business?

While it might seem daunting, it is easy to stay productive while at a trade show – especially when you are prepared with the right technologies and a game plan.

Get ahead of schedule before leaving for the trade show

While it’s impossible to prepare for every unexpected task that may arise, prepare to complete any work ahead of time that will be due or needed by others during the event. Creating a clear list of prioritized tasks to work on while at the trade show will help organization and productivity. Make note of which tasks can be completed with or without an internet connection.

I highly recommend using Citrix Podio for uninterrupted, real-time access to your team and/or clients. A Podio workspace eliminates communication lags, allowing you to delegate, review tasks and create workflows.

Plan a personal conference agenda

Before the event, look at the conference schedule and plan for each meeting, event, presentation and expo hours. Planning a personal schedule in advance of the trade show helps identify gaps and down periods for dedicated work time from the booth or a nearby coffee shop.

Be prepared with the right mobile technology

When attending trade shows, I could not survive without the following:

To easily send and receive files of any size, Citrix ShareFile offers file sharing right from Microsoft Outlook, desktop sync tools, client portal software, and mobile apps available for any smartphone or tablet. For files that need signatures while remote, Citrix RightSignature quickly gets documents signed in a legally binding way.

Get an early start and work from the plane or your hotel room

Start each day early, getting work done from the hotel room with a laptop and hotel Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot. If you have Citrix ShareConnect giving secure remote access to files, don’t worry about network security or staying connected. You can even access client computers – seeing only the programs they specifically share, of course.

Pick agile devices

A compact laptop is fantastic, but working from a tablet with keyboard can be more agile while attending meetings, presentations and walking around the trade show floor. A tablet can take pictures and notes, answer email, post to social media, network on LinkedIn, and even work remotely.

Stay charged for the duration of the conference

It may be a no brainer but always remember to charge devices overnight. This can be easy to forget to do after a long, exhausting day at the conference. Consider investing in a portable charger to alleviate any worry about powering devices while on-the-go. (At a show where Citrix ShareFile has a booth? Stop by! We’re happy to help charge a phone.)

How do you get work done from a trade show? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments section below or join the conversation on Twitter with @ShareFile.