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How to protect yourself against ransomware

Falling victim to ransomware can have devastating effects on your business, from the loss of data to reduced productivity and a sharp decline in client trust and satisfaction. Unfortunately, ransomware is a new normal of cybersecurity. Any business or person is at risk. Over the last few months, we’ve seen an uptick in news reports – most notably with Europe’s WannaCry in May and reaching a fevered pitch today.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is malware that locks your keyboard or computer to prevent you from accessing your data until you pay a ransom, usually demanded in Bitcoin.

Ransomware blocks access to your data through system lockout or file encryption. There is no way to retrieve the files without the assistance of the hacker. Victims receive notification that they must pay a ransom (typically in bitcoin) for the restoration of the files.

How does ShareFile prevent ransomware?

While ShareFile can’t prevent ransomware from attacking your data or business, there are key ShareFile features that help your business recover from a ransomware attack with little downtime or impact. ShareFile keeps multiple versions of each file so that in the event a file is encrypted by ransomware, users can revert to the most recent, uncompromised version, eliminating the need for a hacker’s decryption key – which means you don’t have to pay the bad guy.

For our enterprise customers, Citrix ShareFile can be great advantage in recovering from a successful attack. File-versioning capabilities with non-persistent machines, managed through a single image management solution like PVS or MCS creates a powerful combination. IT can quickly apply the patch, release new image to all machines, reset the whole environment to the last known state – and then simply recover the last know version of all files from a centralized backup.

For more on the ShareFile recovery solution, read this post from Thuy Nguyen.

What should I do to protect against ransomware attacks?

Again, while ShareFile cannot prevent being attacked by ransomware, it can restore your healthy files and eliminate the need to pay the bad guy.

At Citrix ShareFile, the security and protection of our customers, their clients, and sensitive data is our top priority. If you suspect you have been hit with ransomware, our Support team is available 24/7. Stay safe in the cyber world, ShareFile family.