How to prepare your business for 2017

As we head into the new year, I’m looking to grow my business just like most of my clients. The goal is to generate leads, add new customers and nurture existing ones. Here are a few ways I plan on doing that for my own business:

Collaborate more

Office collaboration systems are a key part of any company’s plan to grow in 2017. Microsoft Office 365, which can be used in the cloud or on your server/desktop, or a combination of both, is turning into a one-stop, powerful collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes. ShareFile integrates seamlessly with Office 365 –  If you’re tired of switching back and forth between your ShareFile account and Word, Excel and PowerPoint files when editing the latter, use our in-app editing feature to edit any Office document right in your ShareFile account.

Get social

As social media changed over the years with more pressure to show public shareholders profit, platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) turned toward paid promotion to grow their own businesses. For your business, this means that organic reach is harder to attain in lieu of “paying to play.” Plan to allocate budget for social media advertising and Google AdWords to direct traffic to your website.

Move to film

As video traffic explodes, it is expected to represent more than 75% of online traffic within the next two years. Video is a great platform for recording interviews, case studies, safety classes, events, and trainings. Want to learn more about video best practices in small business? Check out our latest blog post on video strategy!

Don’t leave everything in 2016

E-mail marketing is far from dead. Most studies confirm that over 80% of business users still rely on email as their primary communication tool while working. The right emails, written the right way, still have impact. Continue to send product information, educational training, business advice and tips to your client base to build a community of prospects and interested parties.

Want to learn more about the technologies to adopt, drop, and continue in 2017? Watch my live webinar on demand now!

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