How To Keep Your Sales Team Engaged

On any given day, you can walk through the ShareFile sales floor and hear the constant hum of people prospecting, performing demos with clients or huddling together to share insights with each other. At the same time, you may see a person whizzing by on a scooter or two people battling it out on the foosball table. I sat down with a few Sales Managers to see what keeps our sales team performing at such a high level while enjoying a fun work atmosphere.

Grant Kitching, Senior Manager of Vertical Sales, believes that daily collaboration among teams is the main driver of a high-performing, innovative sales team. One of the ways ShareFile supports this idea is through “scrums.” These daily meetings were originally a part of the agile development movement to ensure better product releases through tighter communication between developers, product managers and other key stakeholders. Every morning at ShareFile, Lead Generators, Sales Executives and Directors on vertical sales teams meet in “scrums” to discuss daily numbers and projections, competitors, or articles. This gives an open forum for team members to share best practices and hold one another accountable.

Anna Hwang, Senior Sales Manager, believes that our success lies in one of our core sales values “we are a family first and foremost.” We have an awesome culture at ShareFile, and everyone is encouraged to be a part of it. Most employees are friends in and outside the office, and she believes that gives us such a unified team spirit and energy. The sales team has a dedicated social committee that puts together corporate outings such as sports events, happy hours and intramural teams. With this sort of relationship, the team wants to see each other be successful.  Everyone is extremely competitive with one another but in an environment and culture that emphasizes sharing information and best practices to ensure everyone is at the top of their game.

While maintaining a high level of team collaboration is a key initiative here at ShareFile, Kendall Bradshaw, Inside Sales Manager, believes our focus on personal as well as career development is what makes the sales team so special. “We believe that the best way to grow a person professionally is to supplement career growth with personal development,” says Kendall. There are weekly classes and trainings for employees to improve organization, work-life balance or even daily health. Alongside this personal development, ShareFile provides unparalleled opportunities for career development. Every manager is extremely accessible, and during weekly pipeline meetings employees are encouraged to talk about their long-term vision and goals. Kendall herself was able to become a manager after starting as the youngest member of the sales team at ShareFile! With the explosive growth ShareFile is seeing, positions are opening up all across the board, and it is a key focus for managers to prepare internal employees to take them.

The main takeaway I had while interviewing these managers is that sales employees are extremely valued. The organization wants every salesperson to succeed and grow with the company. While interviewing Kendall, management had just ordered pizza for lunch for the entire team. If that doesn’t keep someone engaged, I don’t know what else does!

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