How to embrace the paperless office

“We’re paperless now.”

You’ve probably heard or read this statement from many companies you come in contact. But what does it mean to be a truly “paperless office?” According to the Paperless Project, organizations are still managing between 70 and 80 percent of their processes on paper.

Becoming a paperless company doesn’t always happen overnight. However, when you and your company begin taking baby steps, you’ll be amazed how much more efficient your company can become.

By going paperless, you can effectively improve workflow. With traditional paper documents, regardless of the purpose, there are always security risks, tons of wasted time, and of course, issues with organization when you have to send around multiple different versions. With a paperless system, you are more organized and spend less time getting documents securely from one place to another.

So how do you embrace this paperless office movement? A good start is to put all of that paper in the cloud with an online file sharing and storage solution. This solution allows everyone in the office to access, send, request and manage documents without any paper. In addition clients can access their files in a secure portal and you can integrate your paper into all the tools you currently use — Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks, document management systems, etc.

Citrix ShareFile is a top, affordable tool you can add to collaborate, share files and protect confidential data. Check us out to see how we can help you become a “paperless office.”