Defense wins championships: ShareFile security features that protect your business

If you’re a sports fan, chances are you’ve heard the old maxim: defense wins championships. Whether you’re a basketball player locking down the paint or a business owner uploading sensitive information to everyone’s favorite file-sharing service, we can all agree that a secure defense is essential to success. As we descend into the madness of college basketball season, here are some reminders of how ShareFile security features help you keep your data secure.

Around the Clock Protection

Industry-standard encryption protocols ensure your data is protected, whether your file is traveling along the information highway or sitting on a cozy data server. Our secure protocols make sure your ShareFile experience, including authentication, authorization, and transfer, is protected with the same security used by banks and e-commerce websites. With redundant storage and backup protocols, you don’t have to worry about your data when you’re away. Click here to learn why IT experts and compliance professionals love ShareFile.

Complete User Permission Controls

Let’s not forget about the coaches. With ShareFile’s user administration tools, you can ensure your team, or company, is put in a position to win. Assign specific permissions to your employee users and control access to your data on a folder by folder basis. Complete user permission controls guarantee that client users will only be able to view and access files that they have been granted access to. You can even delegate certain administrative abilities to those team captains you trust (because we all know there’s no “I” in team).

Security-Centric Features

A deep playoff run requires a deep playbook. ShareFile brings an extensive roster of features and functions implemented with data security in mind. Shut down the perimeter with mobile access controls like Remote Wipe. Strengthen your security from day one with multifactor authentication support. In search of a truly elite Enterprise experience? Support for a variety of Single Sign-On configurations and On-Premise StorageZones allow you to manage user access in-house, so you can make the most of your home-court advantage. Click here to check out a handful of security-centric features you might not know about.

Secure Mobile Access, On the Go

ShareFile mobile apps keep your data at your fingertips, even if it’s an away game. Available for the most popular phone and tablet platforms, the ShareFile mobile app offers secure upload and download functionality, as well as a suite of mobile features including mobile editing, audio recording, and file previewing. Mobile device PIN support prevents unwanted access to your app and the encrypted files stored within. Still working on a document the day before it’s due? Get it done in overtime.

These are just a few ways that ShareFile security features keep you and your data secure. As always, you can explore additional security information at the ShareFile Knowledge Base. Let us know what you think in the comments below or tweet us @ShareFile, then get back to making your tournament bracket!