How ShareFile’s marketing team uses Podio to stay organized

As a small startup only a few years ago, the ShareFile team developed new marketing materials as we needed them and when resources were available. Now that we’re growing — we added nearly 200 new people last year alone —the demand from our sales team for white papers, case studies, fact sheets and data sheets is growing, too. This means we are developing more and more documents all the time, but because of the old piecemeal creation process from our early days, we just weren’t able to keep things as organized as they needed to be.

When we joined Citrix a couple of years ago, we knew we needed to find a better way to organize our collateral and streamline our collaboration processes across our various, rapidly growing departments. More importantly, we needed something that would work seamlessly with ShareFile, where all of our content is stored.

Enter fellow-Citrix product Podio.

Using Podio, we created a custom app to organize all of our content, which was a somewhat daunting task at first. My colleague and counterpart on the marketing content team, Carmen Fleischauer, spearheaded the organization project, and she says that the whole process was much easier than expected thanks to Podio.

After adding all of our content in our custom app, Carmen added categories and custom filters that were really specific to our needs. Now, we can label and sort content by vertical, asset type, use cases, creation date and more. The best part is that it all fits with ShareFile. All of our original documents are stored in ShareFile, and we post direct links in the Podio space using Podio’s file-picker integration with ShareFile. This means that whenever a piece of collateral is updated or refreshed in ShareFile, Podio automatically links to the most up-to-date version.

In addition, because you can clone and link individual Podio apps, we gave our Sales team access to the content they need, without overwhelming them with other miscellaneous marketing collateral. Now, if our sales team members need to find a white paper for the legal profession, they don’t have to sort through massive amounts of data. Podio does it for them, and if they don’t find what they need, we have a form where they can request new or updated collateral directly from marketing.

So — that’s how we use Podio to keep our content in ShareFile organized. How could you use it?