How nonprofits use ShareFile to power their work

Companies in all sorts of industries around the world use ShareFile, but did you know that nonprofits love ShareFile, too?

For many nonprofits, ShareFile allows administrators to cut down on IT support and other document-management costs. Our easy-to-use, web-based file-sharing and storage portal lets them keep everything in one place without the hassle of downloading software or having expensive on-site hardware. And, for nonprofits, including our customer Project HOPE, that work with healthcare and other confidential information, ShareFile provides ease of mind for any and all data security concerns.

Cameron Jahn, a product marketing manager here at ShareFile, recently hosted a TechSoup webinar with team members at Project HOPE to hear how ShareFile helps their amazing nonprofit provide health education, care, supplies and medicine to communities around the world.

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You can listen to the Project HOPE story and learn more about how ShareFile can help your nonprofit organization in the webinar “Keeping Your Data Secure Yet Accessible,” which is available for streaming either on the TechSoup website or on the TechSoup YouTube channel.