How I Work

I’m always curious as to how other people work and make sure to read the wonderful Lifehacker / How I Work series each week.  Since my last post on workshifting received a decent amount of hits, I figured doing my own ‘How I work’ post would be a good follow-up.


I use Citrix ShareFile and Podio.

I use ShareFile sync to keep all of my work files in one spot in a very simple manner. While ShareFile sync supports a complex file management system, I keep mine simple by having a ShareFile sync folder on my desktop and dragging all of my files into it. I go into the ShareFile web app once a week and spend 20 minutes organizing my files. This helps me keep my files organized and reminds me of anything I have been working on that may have slipped through the cracks.

I use Podio for my ShareFile task manager because it also has workspaces for other Citrix teams and I may also have a task to do for them. For my personal tasks I use Wunderlist . While I could easily create a personal workspace in Podio, I found it easier to keep my work and personal tasks separate (it also keeps me from worrying about personal tasks while at work).

I also use a Moleskine Cahier notebook and a pencil to take notes during calls. I find it much easier to scribble down notes than typing anything. I then move tasks to my Podio workspace. I save my notebooks so I can look back at any notes I need.


I keep my office desk pretty sparse. I only have a Thunderbolt monitor, phone, my notebook and some pictures of my family.  I looked at a number of laptop stands but nothing seems to be able to beat my phonebook from 2009.


 (On a side note, can we pass some sort of law outlawing phonebooks? Does anyone use them anymore? I once saw a guy delivering them in my neighborhood. As he came up to throw two on my doorstep I ran out of the house screaming “I don’t want that thing” and that he could keep it. He just threw my two books and two others on my neighbor’s doorstep.)


I still have an iPhone 4 and really don’t see a need to upgrade. I don’t carry much with me in my laptop bag either. I just have a few pens, an extra notebook and headphones.


Having two children in school has definitely changed my work hours. I’m often up around 6:30 a.m. or so and amazingly have found that I am more productive in the morning hours. So while my children are slogging through getting ready for school I’ll get some work done.

I’m usually in the office early since I’ll drive in right after dropping them off at the bus and at school. Being in early means I usually start becoming less productive late in the afternoon so I’ll head home around 5, spend time with my family, and then finish up any work for an hour or so.

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