Do you have what it takes to work in product development for ShareFile?

Everyone at Citrix who supports ShareFile plays an important role in in making it the file-sharing service of choice for millions of users. Our customer care team provides award-winning support 24/7. Our marketing team keeps you in the know on all of the latest and greatest feature releases.

But it’s the software engineers in the background who code the features, fix the bugs and constantly innovate to make ShareFile an incredible product. And as a global technology leader, we want to work with the best, the brightest and the most creative engineers out there. I sat down with Eugene Yamnitsky, a senior manager in product development for ShareFile, to see what he looks for when he hires a new developer.

(Almost) everything can be learned.

To work in software at Citrix, you need strong fundamentals in CS concepts, a passion for software development, and you need to be a cultural fit for Citrix. No matter your career level, those are the areas Yamnitsky focuses on in the interview process. Anything else you might need for the position can be learned.

What does all of that mean? For strong fundamentals, focus on data structures, algorithms and object-oriented concepts. When it comes to your passion for software development, you need to have an interest in technology beyond the job and demonstrate your dedication to craftsmanship — code that is high quality, supportable, maintainable and reusable. To fit in at Citrix, you need to share our core values: to be customer centric and data driven while showing humility, integrity and respect.

Some resume items are a must.

As an entry-level candidate, Yamnitsky wants to know your internship and project experience, whether for coursework or for fun. In a mid-level position, it’s less about what technologies you’ve worked with and more about what challenges you’ve faced and how you handled them. And as a manager, Citrix wants to know what initiatives you started and led. At that level, it’s about being an innovator and driver of change.

Passion for technology is the key to success.

At Citrix, we have a startup-like culture under the umbrella of a globally leading company. We hold hackathons multiple times a year, and we apply concepts from The Lean Startup and Agile principles to our work. This environment is fast-paced and challenging, so if you want to succeed on our product team, you need a passion for technology. You can learn the technical chops you need; you can’t learn passion.

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