Health and Wellness Month at ShareFile

May is National Smile Month in the UK, National Moving Month and Drinking Water Month in the US, and also Health and Wellness month here at Citrix ShareFile! With all of our hiring, there seems to be no better time to tell you about all the things we’re doing to keep our employees healthy and active!

So what kinds of things do we offer?

Well for starters, we’ve got fresh, organic fruit in our kitchen and a selection of healthy snacks in our break rooms. We’ve got a gym in our building and we encourage employees to take advantage of it. In our suite, you’ll find that free weights, punching bags and exercise balls abound. Recently, some ambitious ShareFilers have organized a Run Club and a Cycling Club for colleagues to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Open to all fitness levels, these groups get together for various distances at a variety of times during the week.

Looking for something more competitive? We’ve got an intramural basketball league wrapping up their inaugural season, and we’ll be kicking off kickball (see what I did there?) and a few pick-up sports as the weather warms up. Just want to get out and walk? We’ll help you find a path for that, too!

We offer annual health screenings for employees and will be rolling out fitness on-the-go programs in the next few weeks.  For those expecting new little ones in their lives, we’ve got education programs and benefits, too. There are even programs in place to help maintain financial and emotional wellness. Plus, maintaining a work/life equilibrium is practically mandatory around here!

Wellness though is not just about improving yourself; it’s also about improving the lives of those around you. All Citrix employees are given one personal volunteer day and one corporate volunteer day every year. Employees are encouraged to join their colleagues on a Global Day of Impact site for their corporate day and to choose a charity that’s important to them and spend their day there for a personal volunteer day.

 There’s a lot to love about our SimplyFit programs – what will you love?