How to give constructive feedback and approvals

No matter what industry your business supports, real-time feedback and approval is crucial to getting more work done faster! Sometimes when you ask for feedback on your important documents and designs, it feels like the feedback could have a negative connotation. If your time is limited, sometimes rushing your projects seems to be the only solution for your business. However, establishing a constructive feedback and approval process will only streamline your business and increase your productivity. With a feedback and approval process in place, you will receive real-time feedback, never miss a deadline and will create higher-quality work.

ShareFile’s Feedback and Approval Workflow allows you to quickly and easily collaborate on projects and content, directly from the ShareFile app. The platform enables you to submit files for approval to an individual or a series of users, or collect feedback on files in the form of comments and annotations. Email reminders and the collaboration menu will reflect any custom account branding you have set. Your productivity is our priority. The Feedback and Approval Workflow will make it easy for your teams to work efficiently by taking secure file sharing and storage to the next level. Setting up a collaborative feedback and approval workflow will be a game changer for your business’ efficiency.

It is important to note: This feature is not currently supported for VDR accounts, Archiving accounts, HIPAA accounts, or on-prem files. To implement the feedback and approval process follow the simple steps below:

1. Open up your ShareFile Web App and click on the “Approval Dashboard”:




2. Begin an Approval Workflow: You can begin a workflow in one of two ways: via the Approvals dashboard accessible from the Home menu of your ShareFile account, or by right-clicking a file and selecting Initiate Approval (see below).


New workflow




3. Next, select whether you wish to Get Approval or Collect Feedback on the selected file.


workflow type


4. Get Approval: When selecting Get Approval, participants can approve, request changes, or reject your file.


Assign Due Date – You have the option of designating a Due Date for file approval. By default, approval and feedback workflows last a period of 30 days.


Add Approvers – Add an approver (or multiple approvers) to your file. Begin typing the name or email of a user on your ShareFile account to select them from a list. Recipients do not have to be users on your ShareFile account in order to approve files.


add approvers


5. Providing Feedback: Your recipient will receive an email notification that contains a secure link to review the file. Clicking this link will load the file in a preview pane.


providing feedback


providing feedback 2


6. Preview Pane – Using the pane on the left, a participant can view the file, flip through pages, and zoom if needed. If viewing a supported file, a participant may highlight and annotate text, as well as use “@” commands to notify users of important areas or errors. The pane on the right allows participants to review activity and provide additional comments.

painless feedback process

jane doe example

7. Submit Feedback – Click the Submit Feedback button to send a notification that you have provided feedback. A notification will be sent to the original sender.

Various customization, notification, and reporting settings are available for the approvals and feedback workflow. More advanced Feedback and Approval tutorials for multiple platforms (e.g.: Windows, Apple, etc.) can be found here: .

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