Why Ginger Photography switched to ShareFile to send high-res photos

When Zack Balber began a career in photography 12 years ago, the available means of sharing files were very different. With very large, high resolution photography files to share with clients for approval, compressing files and resizing images to lower quality so they could be sent as regular email attachments were impractical solutions. Balber, owner of Ginger Photography Inc., also remembers having to physically pack and ship files to clients in the mail.

It was a nightmare,” recalls Balber. “I used to get zip drives or burn CDs. It was very inefficient.”

Maintaining file integrity while quickly responding to client needs was especially important because Ginger Photography specializes in projects for a demanding clientele: professional images of artwork for individual artists, galleries and museums.

The photographs have to really stand for that piece,” explains Balber of his fine art photography. “The image the camera translates has to compete with people’s expectations for the piece.”

Balber knew there had to be a better way to deliver images without compromising quality. But the first file service he tried was only a marginal improvement over shipping. He signed up for a service with a free-trial offer, but the limitations on file sizes for a single transfer and the confusing user interface  discouraged him from continuing with the service.

I didn’t like the interface, and with the trial, I could only send three or so photographs at a time. I couldn’t even really experiment during the trial,” says Balber.

When he found Citrix ShareFile, Balber says he discovered a more intuitive, professional way to send photos. He enjoyed being able to use a full, unlimited version of the service during his trial to get a feel for how everything worked before signing up for a paid account, and he says clients frequently ask him about the service when they see how easy it is to get to their files.

ShareFile is just user friendly, and as a visual person, that’s very important to me. The layout seems more straightforward,” says Balber. “Even during sign-up, I didn’t find the rabbit holes that I did with other services – where you click the option you want and end up on another page with more options. It was refreshing to not have that experience with ShareFile.”

Balber also has had good experiences ShareFile’s customer support whenever he’s needed assistance with his ShareFile account.

Everybody’s so friendly over there. Who wouldn’t want to call a company when its employees sound like they’re smiling all the time?” says Balber.

Thanks, Zack! We’re glad ShareFile has made it easier for you to share even the largest photo files with your clients.

Want to see how ShareFile can help you like it’s helped Zack? Start you free trial now.