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ShareFile account managers speak with users every day to set up new accounts, provide training and answer questions. Here are a few of the questions that our account managers hear most with answers and resources to help you learn more.

send22What’s the quickest way to send a file to a client?

When you need to send a file quickly, log into your account and click Send a File in the navigation bar. This feature will allow you to prepare an email, select the file that you want to send from your computer and upload the file in one simple process. As soon as ShareFile successfully uploads the file, your email, with the file, will be sent to your recipient. It’s an easy way to share information, without any setup or extra steps.

Can I provide public access to a folder in my account?

ShareFile does allow you to share a folder without requiring login information. This can be helpful when you need to allow access to files and folders are not private in nature, but may be too large to attach to a regular email message.

Check out our knowledge base for detailed instructions on allowing public access to a folder.

How will I know when the client has downloaded/uploaded the document?

Email activity notifications are available to let you know as soon as files are uploaded or downloaded from your ShareFile account.

When sending or requesting files, turn on upload or download notifications right in the send or request form. A check box for Email me when the item has been downloaded or Email me when the file has been uploaded will be available so that you can be alerted as soon as your send or request link is used.

folder11You can also enable folder notifications to alert you whenever files are uploaded or downloaded to or from your folders. When you open a folder on ShareFile, scroll to the bottom of the list of contents and use the Email me whenever a file is: check boxes to enable notifications for uploads or downloads. If you do not see these options, contact an administrator on the ShareFile account for help with your notifications settings.

For more information on optional notification settings, please see the comprehensive Email Notification article in our knowledgebase.

Do you have a question about ShareFile that we didn’t answer here? Our support team is available seven day a week. Call us at 1-800-441-3453, send an email, or chat live with support.

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