Fun Facts about ShareFile

With the growth of the Citrix ShareFile team in Raleigh, we couldn’t help but wonder how our expansion has affected our productivity lately. We thought it would be fun to share some of our recent stats to let you know how things are coming along!

Over the last two months we have spoken to our clients for 487 hours and 33 minutes during support calls.

That is over 20 full days’ worth of helpful conversations and problem-solving with our clients! Every ShareFile account is entitled to unlimited help from our support team, and we’re happy to help with whatever issue you may have.

During the month of March, we branded over 7561 accounts.

Upon signing up for a trial, each account is eligible for a completely free branding to make their ShareFile account look and feel like their own company website.

Our account services team has performed 60 webinars over the last 3 months.

Our dedicated account managers never skip a beat when it comes to our daily webinars. Offering a quick lesson on how the Citrix ShareFile tool works and how it can be used, our webinars are always valuable to the new user, or the experienced user who needs a quick refresher.

We needed to order 75 large pizzas to feed our organization during our last meeting.

Over the last few years, we have been able to measure our growth with our total pizza consumption for monthly meetings. With 75 pizzas consumed, we are continuing to become more valuable to the local Italian restaurant industry.

We on-boarded 50 new Citrix employees over the last 3 months.

This year has been one of continued excitement for each part of our organization, which continues to see growth and hire at a quick pace.