Four tips for acing social media from some ShareFile team aces

Everyone is doing social media these days. Your mom is on Facebook. Your grandpa gets his news from Twitter. And your cousin practically (and perhaps unfortunately) lives her life via Instagram and Snapchat.

But, as we all know, people hit social media #fail more often than success. You’ve seen them: the overly-sensitive lyrics post, the vague tweets, the over-sharing about your health details and the always-present misspellings and horrible grammar.

To figure out what it take to ace social media, I asked the officemates I follow on social media (and really enjoy) what tips they have for crafting the perfect post.

1. Keep it fun and not too personal.  >>Click to Tweet this tip!<<

Ashlee Burch, a senior customer care support representative on the ShareFile team, says that you should use social media to give people a small window into your daily life. People are following you because they want to know what makes you tick, not what bathroom problems you are having. Don’t overshare; keep it interesting without going overboard.

2. Be unexpected and authentic.  >>Click to Tweet this tip!<<

Playing by the rules never got anyone anywhere, so take some risks. Be silly and just have fun, because you never know what may get your audience to engage, laugh or share. That’s the advice from Hudson Haines, the creative lead on ShareFile’s marketing team, who also says that rule No. 1 is to remember that people respond well to authenticity on social media.

3. Always ask, “Would I show this to my grandmother?”  >>Click to Tweet this tip!<<

For Ashton Smith, a project manager in operations at our Citrix Raleigh office, social media success doesn’t require sinking to boorish levels. She says, “Don’t Tweet/post/Instagram anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see — or to end up on the cover of The New York Times. So the next time you want to take that risqué selfie and think it’s a good idea — think again.

4. Build relationships. Engage. Be relevant.  >>Click to Tweet this tip!<<

OK, so that’s technically three tips in one, but what do you expect from our resident social media maven and ShareFile’s very own community manager, Jennifer Smith? Social media is her job after all! And she’s right, social media isn’t about you; it’s about your fans and followers. So talk about what they are talking about and learn what they want.

What are your must-follow rules on social media? Tweet us @ShareFile with what you think makes a great social media experience, and we may just send you a thank you gift!