Four things the cloud can do for your file sharing

Everyone these days is talking about the cloud, how it can help you, free your data and keep you going in a mobile world. But what is it? And why do you need it?

The cloud is a network of servers you can access through the Internet to create, store, transfer and share data. Rather than having your data stored in expensive, on-premise servers that you own and must maintain, you get storage in the cloud to keep your hardware expenses and IT overhead lower, while — usually securely — freeing your data for anywhere, anytime access.

When you combine the cloud with your data, you get more than you might think. Here are four things the cloud can do for your file sharing.

1. It provides security for your data.

When you work “in the cloud,” you data doesn’t disappear from the real world. It still exists on actual, physical servers. Good file-sharing services offer exceptional security measures, including top-grade encryption, audits, detailed reporting, granular administrative settings and even remote wipe for data on mobile devices. There’s no worries about the inconvenience of having to back up data constantly to avoid the possibility of a crash.

2. It frees up your IT resources.

The best part of the cloud is that you don’t have to own and manage any expensive hardware to use it. Taking that burden away from your IT staff allows you to use your company’s internal resources to better advantage instead of coping with downtime during repairs to your system.

3. It saves you time.

Through cloud-based file sharing, you can easily share massive documents or video files with just a few clicks. And your recipients won’t need to download any complicated software. With a document sync tool, you can even make sure your team has the most up-to-date files automatically. It’s streamlined file sharing that gives you billable hours back a week.

4. It’s customizable to fit your needs.

Whether you are a large company with many teams and projects, part of a regulated industry that requires special security, hire off-site contractors or run a small business with limited IT resources, you can reap rewards from the cloud. Businesses of all sizes can customize the cloud to work for them, including getting unlimited storage for shared files and providing branded customer portals. You don’t waste time having to transfer or remove stored data when a server reaches full capacity.

If today’s business world is a race, the cloud sets the pace. Say goodbye to the inconveniences of faxes, snail mail, couriers and FTP, and say hello to the simplicity and security of cloud-based file sharing.

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