Five wonderful work hacks you need to know

Want to make work easier by saving time, adding convenience and having a little fun too? Who wouldn’t?

Here at ShareFile, we always look for ways to work smarter with our products. Maximize efficiency with your account with a minimal investment of effort using these tips.

1) Organize your inbox with conditional formatting. You already use — or should be using — our Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to easily send large files right from your inbox. Build on that process by automatically changing incoming message colors and fonts based on sender, subject or recipients in your Outlook application. That way, you can easily associate emails with the same clients who sent or will receive them or the topics involved and prioritize those messages more quickly.

2) Recycle old storage devices. Since ShareFile offers unlimited storage, your external backup devices are now extraneous. But don’t trash them! Turn your old floppy disks into a pencil holder or do the same with CD boxes. Transform your thumb drive into a key to lock your laptop. Reuse these devices to help you every day while you prevent waste from going into landfills.

3) Transform file folders into business cards. Without needing to print and save paper copies of your documents thanks to ShareFile, you probably have a mountain of manila left over. Solve this pileup by creating a template for your business cards and printing them onto the leftover folders. It’s sturdy material that’s ready to be used as quickly as needed — just like your documents saved in ShareFile.

4) Have your old server serve a purpose. With ShareFile as your secure solution to store and save data, remove your data from your now-obsolete server and consider these options. Donate it to a charity for a tax benefit based on the value of the equipment. Or recycle the metal for a cash payment at a local scrap yard. You may even use the fixtures and equipment made from your server’s scrap metal!

5) Make a point with your ballpoints. As you go toward being a paperless office with ShareFile, you will likely use fewer pens too. To maximize their life cycle, ship them to be converted into fun products. If you have enough, believe it or not, you can actually make a chandelier out of them. The pen really is mightier than the sword!

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About the Author

Wesley Hyatt is a writer/editor for Citrix ShareFile and author of eight books with more than 25 years of communications and media experience. He’s modest too.