Five reasons why hammocks are good for your health

Wednesday, July 22 is Hammock Day, which sounds like an excellent excuse to spend a whole day kicking back in a hammock, right? You can set one up between two trees or get creative indoors using two sturdy surfaces.

But hammocks aren’t only really comfortable and relaxing, they’re also good for you. Here are five ways hammocks can improve your health:

  1. You fall asleep faster. According to a 2011 study by neuroscientists at the University of Geneva, the gentle rocking movements of hammocks makes people fall asleep faster than those who lie on a stationary surface. It makes sense, since the rocking sensation is reminiscent of being cradled as a baby.
  2. You get a deeper sleep. In that same study, researchers found that that rocking had a huge impact on brain activity by increasing the length of N2 sleep, a non-rapid eye movement sleep that takes up about half a good night’s rest. The rocking also increased slow oscillations and “sleep spindles,” which are bursts of brain activity associated with deep sleep and memory consolidation.
  3. Your memory and concentration might improve. As previously mentioned, sleep spindles are associated with memory. When those brain waves are occur, there can be an increase in memory retention. You might get more out of your studying or reading in a hammock!
  4. You may feel less back and neck pain. Do you wake up aching after sleeping on a mattress? Or toss and turn at night? Your sleep position could be the problem. Many doctors say the healthiest sleep position is sleeping on your back, which is how you sleep in a hammock. Sleeping on your back prevents neck and back pain because you are in an orthopedically correct position. The only downside? It can increase snoring.
  5. You feel less stressed. The gentle swaying of hammocks puts people at ease. And of course, rocking back and forth in a hammock on a sunny day is a great way to relax even without sleeping. When your body relaxes, your mind tends to relax as well, which means your stress lowers and your concentration improves as well. Who wouldn’t want less stress in their lives?

Are you ready to try spending a day in a hammock? Make sure you do your research, and get one that works best for you. Luckily, ShareFile allows you to work from anywhere so you can get your work done and still enjoy the holiday.

Happy Hammock Day! And let us know the way you relax with a hammock in the comments below or tweet us @ShareFile!

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