5 Glorious times file sharing made it possible to take Spring Break

Let’s be real: we all check our email on vacation. We seek out the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot to see how many emails have piled up and sometimes we’ll even respond or hop on a call! But hey, at least we’re on vacation. Right?

According to Forbes, Americans leave an average of 4 of unused vacation days each year. And while there’s a whole list of reasons people choose not to take time off, work shouldn’t have to be one of them. These days technology like ShareFile makes it easy to work from anywhere, so you can stay connected to important projects and take advantage of that hard-earned PTO.

Still not sure if you can swing it? Check out these 5 times ShareFile made it possible for me enjoy my spring break without worrying about work:

11 AM – 1 PM: Prime tanning time. It was my first day at the beach so I was excited to tan so I had proof that I went on vacation. But of course – right when I laid my towel on the warm sand – my phone buzzed and I got those 4 words no one wants to read: “we are being audited.” My boss needed me to email her a large file from 2012. But while my toes were tucked in the sand, I was able to use my ShareFile Mobile app to locate and send the file with the touch of a button.

2 PM: The family wanted to play miniature golf. However, I knew that back at the office my coworker was presenting our project at this time. This would normally cause me to worry, but because of the folder permissions in my ShareFile account, I knew that all of my slide decks were easily accessible for my coworker for reference.

3 PM: Why not try something new? Parasailing it is. Even though I didn’t feel quite so safe in my harness, I knew that my files were a lot more secure than I was with 256-bit encryption. I could rest assured knowing I wouldn’t come back to a security breach and focus on (trying to) enjoy the view from my ride through the sky.

6:30 PM: Dinner time at the crab shack filled with oysters, fried shrimp and hush puppies. Oh, and the after-work email rush of course. But not for me! Because of the approval workflow and document collaboration features in ShareFile, I didn’t have to sift through those long email threads that are impossible to follow. Instead, all of the comments were condensed in a chat box right next to the document.

11 PM: Time to lay down in the glorious white sheets that I love, and a mattress a lot comfier than mine at home. I can finally sleep peacefully knowing that my clients have 24/7 access to their files via their individualized client portal. By simply entering their password, my clients can access their files from anywhere, anytime. It’s like I’m working…but I’m not. Peace of mind for a good night sleep!

About the Author

As ShareFile’s resident millennial, Kate joined the Citrix team in May of 2016 as a marketing intern coming from working at a market research firm. She is attending North Carolina State University pursing a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. She enjoys all things SEO and Demand Generation.