ShareFile’s got a whole new view — or preview, rather

Shared any files with ShareFile recently? (The answer should be yes—always yes.) Did you notice anything different when you went to select or download your documents? Or better yet, when you didn’t have to download your documents? That’s right. I’m talking file previewing, which is now available for any Microsoft Office or PDF documents in your ShareFile account. It’s also available whenever you send a file to someone. Cool, right?

As you may have noticed, for Microsoft Office and PDF documents stored in your ShareFile account, you now have a small magnifying-glass icon next to the file-type icon. Can’t remember what you named the document you’re looking for, and don’t want to download the wrong one? Just need one quick look at a document, and don’t want to download it to your computer? Done. Just click the magnifying glass, and boom. You can see the file. No download required.


This handy, time-saving tool is also available for the people who are receiving your files. Now, whenever recipients click a link to download files, they will see two options on the page instead of one. They can download the files, or they can just view them.

download or view

I’m excited about file previewing for a variety of reasons. Mostly it’s just another way ShareFile makes my life easier. For example, since all of the files on my computer automatically sync to my ShareFile account using our sync tool, I always have access to my files and folders, even when I don’t have my computer. But what if I’m on a public or shared computer and need to look at a file that I don’t want to download? The preview tool makes this easy.

In addition, as a member of the content team at ShareFile, I touch a lot—I mean a lot—of different files on any given day. Do I want them all saved on my computer? No. I just want to review them or look at them sometimes. And, now I can.

Have you been using file previewing? What do you think?

  • Alan Brogdon

    not good: not available for customers on customer-managed StorageZones

    • Peter Schulz

      We hear you…stay tuned for future enhancements
      to the product!

      Peter Schulz, Citrix ShareFile Product Management

  • Pedro

    When will we be able to edit the documents like you can via the mobile app?

    • Hi Pedro, thanks for inquiring. We are constantly working to enhance workflow and we value the feedback from you and others. While we have no specific timing on this feature, we encourage you to submit your feedback to the product team within the web app. Thank you!

  • Mark Klopfenstein

    Love it. Thanks so much for these enhancements. Your product is wonderful.

    • Thanks for sharing, Mark! We hope this enhances your workflow.

  • Vickie

    can I move the shared folders to first position?

    • Hi Vickie, give us a call (1-800-441-3453) and we can make that change for you. Our team is happy to assist. Hope this helps!