What are some of our favorite ShareFile features?

As part of the ShareFile team, we often get asked, “What are your favorite ShareFile features?”

Thanks to the wide array of awesome features available, that’s an easy one for the ShareFile support team to answer. Whether we are at work or at home, ShareFile allows us to cater to our differing work and lifestyles based on our needs.

File versioning

Jerred Metts, a support readiness Intern here at ShareFile, is a fan of the file-versioning feature. He works to update and improve the ShareFile knowledge base, where he often has to work through multiple revisions of the same article.

As Jerred states, “File versioning allows my teammates and I to easily share our documents and keep our workspace free of copy clutter. Once I’ve edited a document, I simply upload it to the folder. If my teammates and I decide on a previous draft of the document, it is very easy to view the file-version history and choose the draft we need. File versioning makes collaboration convenient and quick, allowing us to provide documents and articles that are up to the Citrix ShareFile standard.”


For Tiffany Rice, one of our support coordinators, the reporting feature is a favorite. She especially recommends reporting for administrators of a ShareFile account. The ability to run usage reports on her account give Tiffany peace of mind.

“I don’t need to ask questions or wonder who deleted a file, who uploaded a file, or even who accessed a file, because I can easily run a usage report on a user, folder, or the entire account. It allows me to monitor how and for what my account is being used.”

ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Marc Kuh, an Engineer on the Support Team, names the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook as his favorite feature. Marc says, “The plugin allows a user to user Microsoft Outlook just the way they normally do, but it automatically replaces file attachments, which are not secure, with ShareFile links for recipients to use to download files. It means you don’t have to change anything about the way you normally work. ShareFile does all of the heavy lifting to keep your files secure without you having to think about it.”

ShareFile Sync for Windows

Another of our support coordinators, Kristin Beaver, enjoys the capabilities of ShareFile Sync for Windows. As a person that travels frequently on the weekends, the sync feature allows Kristin to access any homework assignments that she may have begun while at home.

Kristin mentions, “Last night, for example, I needed to complete a homework assignment, but I was out of town. Because the files on my computer automatically sync to my ShareFile account, I was able to pull up the assignment through ShareFile, finish it and turn it in.”

To read more about the most commonly used ShareFile features, check out the ShareFile Features article in our knowledge base.

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