Fall in Love with Folders

Do you collaborate on projects often with colleagues and clients? Are you constantly emailing files back and forth to give and receive feedback on important documents? If so, you can save loads of time and create an easier workflow for you and the people you work with by utilizing folders within ShareFile. You will fall in love with folders in no time after learning about these four ShareFile folder features!

Distribution Groups
If you have a certain group of people you work with on a particular project, you can create a distribution group to organize a group of users. Instead of adding several users to a folder or as recipients on an outgoing send or request email, a distribution group can be created to represent several users at once. Folder permissions to a distribution group will apply to every member. If for any reason you need to remove a member from a distribution group, they will lose folder access permissions given to that group.

File Versioning
When you upload multiple versions of a file with the same name to a folder, the file versioning feature allows you to view all the different versions of that file. This is especially helpful if you are receiving revisions on a document from multiple sources over time. By default, file versioning will save unlimited versions of a given file to allow you to see the entire history. You can also limit the number of versions that will be saved by setting a maximum number of versions on a folder by folder basis.

Instead of emailing recipients manually any time someone adds a file to a folder, you can set email notifications to make users aware of any files that are uploaded and downloaded to the account. If for any reason you need to consolidate your notifications, you can set how frequently you receive email notifications from the system under the ‘My Settings’ link on the navigation bar. This allows you to choose if you would like to receive notifications in real-time, every 15 minutes, every hour, twice a day, or once a day.

Retention Policies
If you no longer need older files in your folder, you can set a retention policy so that files are automatically deleted after a certain period of time. You have the option to delete files from 1 day up to 2 years after they are uploaded. You can also set a folder expiration date if you have a set date that the folder and all its subfolders need to be deleted.

Now that you know about these four folder features, have you fallen in love with folders yet? If you have more questions, contact your personal account manager for assistance.
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