ShareFile Histoy of File Sharing

The evolution of sharing information

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In today’s world, we share so much information so rapidly on a daily basis that it’s easy to forget how tedious — or even dangerous — file sharing was in centuries past. Even 20 years ago, if you had to share a confidential file or sensitive information, you probably used a courier service or carried the documents yourself from one location to another to ensure security.

We’ve certainly come a long way over the years, and to visualize that journey, we’ve put together a brief, unofficial history of how humans have shared information throughout the ages.

Check out the infographic below.


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Jennifer Smith (@jen_smith1) is a customer reference manager at Citrix, where she previously served as social media marketing and community manager. A graduate of North Carolina State University, Jennifer majored in business administration. She joined the ShareFile team in 2010 and is a board member of the company’s community service organization, SHARE.