Entrepreneurs: Three ways to elevate your personal brand and grow your business (Pt. 1)

What makes YOU stand out from everyone else? How do you get your ideal clients to take notice of you?

Employing a good business strategy? Sure. Using your professional connections? Maybe. But there are intangibles about you that are much more important. They contribute to your personal brand and determine your unique “it” factor.

I call these intangibles your Brand P.I.E.: Presence, Image and Environment. They add up to the person you project to everyone you encounter, and they have enormous implications in your professional life.


Presence, as I define it, is the ability to communicate authentically and powerfully, verbally and nonverbally, in ways that really engage, inspire, and motivate others to take action. Let’s examine the four key pieces of this definition more closely:

  1. Authenticity – There may not be an exact formula, but authentic people tend to be more comfortable in their own skin. They know who they are, and they present themselves to others accordingly. The various spaces in their lives and surroundings are not incongruent: they are in keeping with their brand.
  1. Engagement – While presence has a lot to do with alignment within yourself, it’s also about engaging the people around you. Ever nodded your head to someone with your thoughts a million miles away? In that moment, you weren’t in a position to hear the value of what was being said. You also couldn’t respond in a way that left a positive impression. To carry yourself with a memorable presence, aim for a similar level of engagement in your everyday work interactions.

3.     Inspiration – I’ve found that these are the three most effective ways to be more inspiring:

  • Be inspired. You can’t breathe life or energy into something if you’re not filled with it yourself.
  • Use juicy language. Why say “increase” when you can say “amplify”?
  • Use “what if” language. Paint a picture of the future that only you can see.

4.     Motivation – Inspiration can move you emotionally and touch you, but motivation implies people taking action. It requires you to give people a very specific call to action. However, the most influential leaders don’t choose inspiration or motivation ¾ they use both. Done right, inspiration is the grease on the wheels, and motivation is the momentum that follows through.

Tomorrow we will explore the image and environmental factors of your personal brand.

Until then, be sure to register for my webinar on March 3, 2016 to further explore how to build your personal brand to grow business.

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