Getting the most out of your engineering new hires  

As a new developer on the ShareFile engineering team, specifically focusing on Android development, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started. With any new job, a certain number of hurdles always exist — getting up to speed on the product or service, learning about how teams operate and meeting everyone you need to know. With a new job at a quickly growing and constantly evolving product like ShareFile, these hurdles are exponentially greater. This is why I was excited to learn that the sr. director for my team, Praveen Grover, had created the Docs Cloud Boot Camp.

A better way to kick off a new job

For my first six weeks at ShareFile, I and the other new hires participated in the boot camp program, which introduces the ShareFile platform, team and goals to new employees on the product development team. Through the boot camp, we can learn the platform end to end before we get started in our specific roles.

There are several different teams that make the ShareFile platform work, and without the boot camp, I may never have gotten to know key people on each team or what they do. I was even assigned a mentor from my team who assisted with connecting with the right people. Having insights into the big picture is invaluable to learning and really understanding a large, complex platform, such as ShareFile.

The team spirit created by the program showed us that it takes everyone working together for individuals to succeed. Our success is the team’s success, and vice versa.

An end-to-end understanding of the ShareFile platform

The boot camp is an amazing experience that allows developers to dive in and get to know the ShareFile platform as a whole. As an Android developer, the boot camp helped me see how the Android client fits into the overall ShareFile platform, and it even gave me a chance to work on enhancements and defects from different parts of the platform, which is a huge advantage.

Because the ShareFile platform is so large and complex, errors can present themselves in the clients, but they may actually be server side effects. Without my knowledge of the platform from the boot camp, it would take me much longer to diagnose a problem in my specific role. The ShareFile platform would just be some magic box that I didn’t understand.

While it would be easy for managers to balk at the fact that they are essentially losing a new hire for six full weeks, this program helped me get completely up to speed and ready for (and better at) my job.

Encouraging innovation and creativity

The last week of the boot camp was easily my favorite part. Our goal for the week was to think of a new feature and develop a proof of concept that we could implement in any part of the ShareFile platform, which is incredible for the sixth week of a new job.

Overall, the boot camp has helped me be a more innovative and efficient software developer, and as we grow as a team, it’s encouraging to know that we’ll all be on the same page and ready for success.

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