Finally! An all-in-one encrypted email solution that balances security with simplicity

If you work in a regulated industry, such as finance, legal or healthcare, you know that compliance with rules and guidelines is not a trivial issue. One wrong step with client data and an attorney could be disbarred. Large medical practices could face millions of dollars for mishandling patient information. And no matter your industry, if you touch financial documents, legal contracts, health records, bank statements, tax forms or other sensitive files, it’s a similar story.

And keeping data secure these days requires more steps than ever. It’s not just files that can get hacked, it’s also the emails themselves. Yet with these high stakes, a LexisNexis survey of legal professionals revealed that only 22 percent of law firms encrypt their emails. Yikes. In healthcare, Healthcare IT News reports practitioners are slow to adopt these security standards for fear of what encryption could do to affect the level of their care. Essentially, if it makes things complicated, they aren’t interested.

What’s the solution?

An easier way to protect email and attachments

Citrix ShareFile now offers encrypted email with its already powerful file-sharing solution for business, providing a simple way to get support for compliance with industry regulations and ethical guidelines.

That’s right — ShareFile can now protect both email attachments and messages using high-grade encryption with just a click.

If you already use ShareFile for online file storing and sharing, you know how simple it is to use in your workflows, thanks to a user-friendly design, powerful integrations and desktop tools. And you also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing ShareFile supports your compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Ace (HIPAA), bar association codes of ethics and conduct, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) rules, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requirements and others.

File and email security from a name you trust: Citrix

How can you use the new encrypted email feature from ShareFile? Two ways: From within your ShareFile account in a Web browser or in Microsoft Outlook using the already popular ShareFile plugin. In either place, recipients can open messages and attachments and respond securely even if they aren’t ShareFile customers — receiving and replying doesn’t require downloading any software or having a username or password.

ShareFile encrypted email and file sharing together — a win for everyone.

Want to see how easy it really is? Check out this video.

In order to activate this feature which is included with your account, an admin on your account needs to enable it.



encrypted-email-blog (1)

Once this is complete, you’ll now see your ShareFile Inbox in the web browser of your account will have a new Compose button on the right.

To enable Encrypted Email in your Microsoft Outlook program, you will need to download the latest version of the Outlook plugin from the Apps tab in your ShareFile account, or click here, and then follow the special instructions outlined in the ShareFile support article. The plugin makes sending a secure email as easy as clicking a single button, giving you and your clients protection and peace of mind.

To learn more about this exciting new feature, including how set whether recipients will need to login to reply to your secure emails, visit ShareFile’s dedicated support page for encrypted email.

Happy encrypted emailing, from the ShareFile Product Team!

  • Any plans for encrypted e-mail to work with Google Apps?

    • Adrian Phillips

      Not at this time, Paul, though I will forward your request on to the product team. For now we support Encrypted Email from the ShareFile web browser or using our Outlook plug-in installed on Windows.

    • Out of curiosity, what edition of Google Apps are you using?

  • Piyush Bhan

    Do you guys have this set for Outlook for Mac or Mail for Mac?

    • Adrian Phillips

      Just Windows-based Outlook, or from the browser when you log in to your ShareFile account.

  • Bob Robinson

    Any chance you have a plugin coming for Outlook on Mac?

    • Adrian Phillips

      I’ll forward your request on to the product team, however our plug-in only supports Windows-based Outlook at this time.

      • Bob Robinson

        Thanks for the consideration. We are mostly a Windows shop but have a growing number of Mac users and a solution that supports both platforms would be easier to implement, train, and support.

  • Chris Anderson

    Hi all,

    Unfortunately at this time Microsoft doesn’t support Addins/Apps that interact with attachments or the body in newly created emails (aka email drafts). Outlook for Mac 2016 is getting close but still doesn’t support addins/apps that interact with attachments or body’s on draft emails. When they support it we will build a plugin/app that supports Outlook for Mac.

  • Suzanne Watkins

    I’ve emailed several times regarding how an account becomes approved for the encrypted email function, with no response. I’ve also updated plug-ins and habitually check the Admin tab to determine whether or not the encrypt option is available. Can you shed any light on what accounts are “approved” and what that approval process is?

    • Adrian Phillips

      Hi Suzanne, certain plan types qualify for the feature. A member of our Care team will be reaching out to you shortly. Thanks for hanging in there!

  • Elisha

    Whats a typical hold time, as I’m hoping to clarify where in the admin account this feature is. It’s not visible and if its included I’d like to use it.