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3 Easy ways to boost team efficiency

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We’ve all experienced uncompleted tasks, missed deadlines, unmet client expectations. Usually these business mishaps trace back to gaps in process and communication. When expectations and deliverables are unclear, the result is inefficiency. As I said in my blog post for Accountex, inefficiency usually manifests itself through the workplace in numerous ways:

So how can businesses save time, money, and confusion? What are three easy steps they can take today to create a smoother audit, tax season, and email inbox?

Establish a communication platform.

Not everything requires a meeting or even an email. With teams and clients being widely dispersed, easy and instant communication beyond email is a must-have tool. Skype and Lync offer desktop and mobile instant messaging, while Slack allows customized teams to message both as groups and privately.

Set head-down hours

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the hustle of tasks and priorities that you lose focus. Schedule your calendar in chunks of time to maximize efficiency – plan hours where clients know you can be reached and hours where you prioritize completing document requests. Not only will this help you accomplish tasks, it will also help you track billable hours to ensure you are charging your worth.

Move to the cloud

When you need to be lean, there’s no quicker way to trim inefficiencies than a move to the cloud. By storing critical data and documents in the cloud, your business has a spirit of anywhereness – you and your colleagues and clients can access information anywhere, any time.

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