E-Signatures and File Sharing: Better Together


You know e-signatures for the simple, intuitive, and secure signing experience they provide for both you and your clients. Adding e-signatures to your business strategy is an easy way to boost collaboration, simplify client processes, and reduce operational costs.

  • Saving time: Citrix’s e-signature’s one-of-a-kind automatic field detection helps you set up documents with one click. Templates streamline processes. Our e-signature tool works on any device, at any time, from anywhere, increasing your flexibility and productivity.
  • Reducing errors and omissions in client documents: In a TechValidate survey, 90% of respondents agree that Citrix’s e-signature helps their business get more documents signed without errors or omissions. This overwhelming response indicates how powerful e-signatures are for getting documents signed complete and correct on the first try.
  • Reducing office expenses: By reducing paper, printing, and postage needs, we help you achieve the cost savings and other benefits of a paperless office.

Taking it to the next level

E-signatures on their own have incredible benefits. But wait until you see e-signature with ShareFile, where it can work even harder for you and your business.

  • Send documents for e-signature directly from your ShareFile account: No more manual printing, mailing, scanning, and refiling.
  • Get documents sent back automatically to the correct folder: The document is right where you left it with a signature waiting. If you’re sending out a lot of forms at once, this is an organizational dream.
  • Never get documents back with incomplete fields: A progress bar and navigation flag guide the signer through the document step by step. Documents can’t be completed if there are any missing fields. Additionally, ShareFile will alert recipients that a file is ready to be signed.

With so many collaborative features, many companies see a return on investment in the form of a 93% reduction in paperwork turnaround time!

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

We’re yours.


Questions about what e-signature with ShareFile can do for you? Our team is happy to help. Call 1-800-441-3453.