Video: Don’t let loose lips sink your practice!

Healthcare professionals, you wouldn’t do this to patients, would you?

The need to treat your patients’ information confidential rather than sharing it in public applies to your electronic data too. Exchanging unsecured files not only allows for easy hacking into your system, it also puts you and your practice in jeopardy of violating HIPAA regulations. It makes no sense to do this.

Your patients deserve privacy and professionalism with their protected heath information (PHI) that you can provide through a secure file-sharing service that supports HIPAA compliance. That solution is Citrix ShareFile.

Want to see how ShareFile can help your practice? Watch this video and then start your 30-day free trial. It’s time for you to care how you share!

About the Author

Wesley Hyatt is a writer/editor for Citrix ShareFile and author of eight books with more than 25 years of communications and media experience. He’s modest too.