Earning rewards and brownie points: why IT director Thomas Woods decided to join Refer a Friend

When Thomas Woods discovered Citrix ShareFile, he knew that it was able to fulfill a need that many firms share. As director of technology at Bakersfield-based accounting firm Daniells, Phillips Vaughn & Bock, he had previously struggled to find an easy way to send client files securely. The firm’s document portal required a series of steps to share files, which led to low adoption. Woods had spoken with IT specialists at other firms and knew that they had experienced similar difficulties with protecting client documents.

Woods learned about ShareFile during a roundtable discussion and decided to subscribe. He quickly found that the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook allowed IT to meet both security and efficiency requirements by converting attachments to secure, password-protected links to download files automatically, without complicated steps for accountants and staff.

“The bottom line is that ShareFile makes the transfer of documents secure, easy and fast. It is a no-brainer,” says Woods. “In this industry, time is money, and being able to quickly deliver client data in a secure fashion is awesome. It’s also important that we can use ShareFile to send file requests so our clients can securely upload files to us—it lets our clients know that we care about their data.”

Through his participation in McGladrey Alliance roundtable discussions on technology, Woods had already recommended ShareFile to others, so when he found out about the ShareFile Refer a Friend program, it made sense to sign up. The program provides an easy way for current ShareFile users to let their friends try ShareFile at a discounted rate. When referrals sign up for an account of their own, referrers can choose to receive a $30 gift card, or they can make a $30 charitable donation—just for sharing ShareFile with friends.

Woods says that joining the Refer a Friend program was also quick and painless. Best of all, his first referral earned him a night out just for telling people about ShareFile, which he’d already been doing.

“My reward prompted a date night with a gift card to a local restaurant, so I also won points at home,” jokes Woods. “So in a sense, ShareFile is making my home life better too!”