How to declutter your workspace like a pro

The end of the year is the perfect time to declutter your workspace and start fresh in the new year. Whether you work at an office or from home, your desk is probably looking a little disheveled around the holiday season.

According to Pluralsight, a decluttered desk can help you become more focused and productive, and it shows your co-workers that you’re dependable and trustworthy. A cluttered desk is often the product of a cluttered mind. So get organized and have a productive start to the new year!

Evaluate your items

Before you set about the important task of decluttering your workspace, you’ll need to evaluate the usefulness of each item. In some cases, this will be easy – do you really need those toy figurines? – but in others, it will be more tricky – is there a better place for your phone charger?

As you perform this task, you can begin the first level of decluttering – trash removal. While you’re evaluating, you’ll likely find things that have no place at your workstation. They may even belong in the disposal bin. Remove these objects at the beginning of your task so you can get a better idea of what you have to work with.

Assess distractions

Do you find yourself getting distracted by the objects on your desk? It’s common to buy something like a fidget spinner or cube to help you stay focused, only to find out that it makes you all the more distracted. Likewise, sticky notes and digital reminder notifications can split your focus, making it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.

The next phase of your decluttering project should be to identify distractions and remove them as soon as possible. Think back to your last few days of work: Was there an object you spent too much time playing with? An unimportant task that took up too much of your day? Perhaps you need a more efficient scheduling application or reminder system. Whatever it takes, cull distractions so you can focus on work.

Don’t ignore your digital workspace

Until now, we’ve focused on the physical realm. Now it’s time to declutter your digital workspace. For many, that means your computer desktop, file system and email inbox. If there are old versions of documents that you’ll never use again, either back them up to a secure storage solution or banish them to the recycle bin.

If you often have trouble finding the right files when you need them, it may be a good idea to develop an organizational strategy for your digital resources. By implementing a system now, you can stick with it in the future and eliminate clutter before it happens. Check out this blog for our favorite tips for organizing your file folder structure.

Create a cleaning schedule

Once you’ve happily decluttered your workspace, make a plan for keeping it that way. For instance, you could commit to cleaning up your desk at the end of every workday. By doing a little cleaning every day, you’ll never have to spend hours on a big clean up. Just toss the trash you’ve accumulated during the day, put all of your files in their folders and feel the satisfaction of a clutter-free workspace every day.

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