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Customizing for happy customers

Written by on July 30, 2014 in Business - No comments

Citrix ShareFile customers know how a little personalization can go a long way. Our branding team’s efforts to customize your ShareFile site (and the tips we offer to help you do it yourself) are consistently among our customers’ favorite features.

In his latest post, Jesse Lipson, Citrix VP and GM of data sharing, offers advice to entrepreneurs on how to incorporate customization into their own business to build customer loyalty and a competitive edge.

“The era of mass customization is here,” he writes, “and crafty entrepreneurs and big brands alike are capitalizing in big ways on the desires of the masses to express our individuality through the things we buy.”

How can you leverage the power of personalization for your company? Check out Lipson’s advice here, and follow his regular column on

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Melinda Vaughn is the senior manager of content at Citrix, where she leads the content team in writing for a wide variety of marketing initiatives and helps develop and build the all of the Citrix brands, including ShareFile. She worked in higher education communications for 15 years before joining Citrix.