Don’t have time to call us? Two ways to find ShareFile answers online  

If you’re like me, you’re busy and don’t always have time to contact support by phone. You’d rather answer your own questions if possible with a quick search online. Did you know that ShareFile has lots of ways to get help with common questions, trainings and more in lieu of contacting our customer care team? Here are two ways to get help when you need it.

1. Search the Knowledge Base.

ShareFile’s Knowledge Base is full of articles, videos and how tos — everything from how to send a file to setting up complex systems and tools. And it’s easily searchable. For example, just type ‘send a file’ in the search bar, and you’ll instantly have articles with information on every single way you can send a file with ShareFile — from the web app with files stored either in ShareFile or on your computer, with the Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, through Sync and with the Desktop Widget.

In addition, most help articles on the Knowledge Base are accompanied by a training video. When searching, you’ll have the option to watch the video or view the article, which will have plenty of screenshots to help you along the way.

2. Ask the community.

 If you have a question about ShareFile, there’s a good chance someone else did as well at some point. Our Community page is similar to a forum where you can ask questions and have customer care representatives or other users respond to you directly. You can even look through past posts to see if someone already asked — and got an answer for — your question.

The Community is also a great place to share any ideas or feedback that you may have about our product and service.


How do you make it all happen?

You can access both the Knowledge Base and Community within your ShareFile account on the Help section of the main navigation. Select View our training videos or Read our getting started articles to get to the Knowledge Base, or select Ask the community to reach our forum.

And remember, if you do want to call us, we’re here to answer your questions.