CPA firm powers customer-focused bookkeeping and tax preparation services with ShareFile and GoToMyPC

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David Enns, founder and CPA at Enns & Associates, Inc., finds that many small and medium-sized business clients do not require a full-time bookkeeper, but they do need support with more complex bookkeeping tasks. To meet these needs affordably, Enns and his staff offer services as absentee controllers and accounting trainers for in-house bookkeepers.

With GoToMyPC, they can meet with bookkeepers and review accounting files or demonstrate procedures at a moment’s notice without incurring the cost for travel to the clients’ offices or time spent on the phone trying to assist clients without being able to see their screens. Enns strongly recommends that new clients sign up for GoToMyPC as a way to keep accounting support costs down.

Our experience is that it’s way more expensive for us to support you if we can’t get remote access,” explains Enns.

With GoToMyPC and client invitation, Enns and his employees can remotely access a client’s computer to review accounting files and assist with training issues.

GoToMyPC also enables instant support. If clients call in with questions, they can initiate GoToMyPC sessions and have accountants coach them through any issues immediately.

Enns & Associates’ success with GoToMyPC led them to try a sister product, Citrix ShareFile. The firm found it taxing to send files through email as encrypted PDFs, but clients’ sensitive personal and financial information require protection. ShareFile provides a high level of encryption and eliminates many of the steps that Enns and his employees previously had to take before each send.

ShareFile has been really good. We’ve implemented it with everyone on email. If it’s anything remotely sensitive, we use ShareFile,” says Enns.

Before ShareFile, Enns had to manually encrypt paperwork had to be manually encrypted before sending. With the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, he can simply send a secure ShareFile link to the file, using the same steps he would take to add a normal email attachment. ShareFile takes care of the security and file encryption without the extra work.

Every time I have to encrypt files, it’s a lot quicker,” says Enns. “It will save us all hours.”

Enns says that the best part of using both GoToMyPC and ShareFile is the simple, streamlined experience they provide for both his employees and the clients they serve.

The products Citrix puts out are simple and intuitive. There aren’t 50,000 buttons and options on the screen. I appreciate simple. It just does what it says, and it just works,” says Enns.

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