Connecting Clients with Data: ShareFile and PharPoint Research, Inc.

Prior to using ShareFile, staff at PharPoint Research, Inc. had struggled to maintain an internal document management system and found that the costs of using a self-managed system outweighed the benefits. The company collects and analyzes results from medical research on behalf of its clients, so transferring large amounts of data was a key concern. Moreover, they needed a user-friendly process to make it easy for clients to get information. The internal system was difficult for users to navigate, required significant time for employees to manage and occasionally caused problems as a result of technical errors or the need to accommodate increased use.

When PharPoint realized that it was time to move to a more professional, cloud-based solution in ShareFile, they instantly saw better results. “Upon switching to ShareFile, client response to the new interface and speed was immediate,” says Ted Beverly, PharPoint IT manager. “The most important benefits of ShareFile to our business have been the speedy delivery of products to the client and the ease of use for all users.” By moving to a business-friendly solution built specifically for ease of use, security and flexibility, PharPoint was able to leverage ShareFile expertise in file transfer and storage to improve their workflow.

We’re proud to help PharPoint Research connect with their clients. Do you have a story about how ShareFile makes your workday better? Leave a comment below to let us know how.