What is Your Company Culture Like?

In my opinion, your company’s culture can make or break your company.  Have you ever stepped foot into a corporate office- everyone wearing suits, carrying briefcases, so serious the people around don’t crack a smile?  I have.  It’s just something about the stiffness that isn’t comfortable. That’s the opposite of the culture and environment that we have here at ShareFile and is the main reason why our employees love working here so much.

If you walked into the ShareFile office today, you would be greeted by a receptionist and chances are, in the process of checking in, you would hear someone yelling and look over to see a competitive game of ping pong taking place in our game room. As you make your way to our kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, one of our developers would probably fly past you on a scooter or skateboard- watch your toes! If you were visiting our office for a meeting, you would be guided to one of our conference rooms (where you will be safe from Nerf bullets flying through the air). After your meeting, you would probably be invited by our Sales team to play a game of cornhole. That is just a daily snapshot of the culture we have here at ShareFile.

In my opinion, our company culture is such a positive aspect of ShareFile because of who we are and how our Executive team has defined our company in the following ways:

-Our mission is clear

-We have a high integrity workplace

-We have an emphasis on recruiting awesome employees

-Our employees are committed to the organization

-We have highly effective leadership

-We are customer centric

-Our employees feel valued

-We are committed to responsible growth

-We are data driven

In gathering feedback about the culture here at ShareFile, I randomly asked a few employees what their perception of ShareFile is and what makes this the best place to work.  Here are some of the answers I received:

“I’ve worked in a number of business environments including non-profit, sales, project management and even massage therapy. I have never experienced a company culture like that of ShareFile. A few of my friends, who I’d love to see work here, joke that I’m trying to “sell” them on it.  I don’t need to sell it. ShareFile’s company culture speaks for itself. We are laid back and have a lot of fun, but we are also very serious about meeting our company goals.  Everyone wants ShareFile to be successful. So, when the time comes to meet deadlines, push hard to achieve a goal or make tough business decisions, it doesn’t faze us. I count myself fortunate to work for such a fantastic company and am so excited about ShareFile’s future!”  
-Nicole Collins, Associate Project Manager

I like that we are still in start-up mode. Everyone multi-tasks and goes above and beyond to get the job done. At the same time, we get along with each other and keep our company mission ‘To raise the bar for service in the field of technology,’ the highest priority.”
-Al Scillitani, Senior Manager, Online Marketing

“Working at ShareFile is awesome! I imagined my first job out of college to be with a company where everyone is just there to do the job and the job itself would be repetitive day in and day out. At ShareFile, it’s completely different—we are dedicated to being customer centric in everything we do and each day brings something new. I enjoy building relationships with my clients and sharing experiences with my team, all while having fun. Every person is focused on providing the best service to our customersWe are a tightly knit group here and we support each other’s professional goals and the goals of the company. 
-Sarah Rowe, Corporate Sales Representative

So, what is your company culture like? We would love to hear from you.