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Client Portal for Accountants

As federal and state laws continue to get stricter about maintaining the security of clients’ information, accountants are in search of an encrypted method of file transfer, especially for tax season. According to an article in the Journal of Accountancy, “client portals offer an alternative to email for communicating and collaborating with clients.” A client portal can be a significant time saver by eliminating the process of searching for old copies of tax returns when a client calls looking for one.

ShareFile makes tax season easy for accountants. With unlimited client users, an accountant can upload clients’ tax returns, and any other information to the portal. Clients can then use their personal log-in to retrieve the information. Files are transmitted with 128-bit SSL encryption and ShareFile maintains compliance with state and federal security regulations. ShareFile is equipped with granular folder-level permissions so that clients only see folders where specific access is granted.

Barbara Wohlegmuth, a CPA with Tax Trailer, says she survived this past tax season with ShareFile.

“I can’t tell you how much using ShareFile made the season go more smoothly. I needed a secure way for clients to transmit information to me, and vice versa, and ShareFile was the perfect solution. My clients uploaded their tax information to their ShareFile folders. I then downloaded the information, prepared their tax returns, and then uploaded completed returns to their folders for them to access. I set up the client folders to notify me when clients uploaded new information for me, and to notify them when I had uploaded their tax returns. This worked great and was a tremendous time-saver for me. Best of all, ShareFile is so easy to use–there’s really no learning curve–and we all loved it. I will definitely continue using ShareFile.