The Value of Volunteering: Citrix ShareFile + SEEDS

At SEEDS, our volunteer partnership with Citrix grows stronger each year. The Citrix team has already been on site once this year and there are multiple volunteer days scheduled throughout the year. Our hope is that Citrix employees go home and tell their family and friends about what SEEDS is trying to accomplish: provide experiential gardening and cooking programs to Durham youth. Our Citrix friends tell the SEEDS story well as they have the dirt under their fingernails and a sun tan to prove it!

Volunteers mean a lot to SEEDS since we have a full time staff of 4 people and 2 acres of garden to manage – especially volunteers who come back again and again. Repeat volunteers are familiar with our garden areas, tools, and mission. Being comfortable with our process enables groups to start the moment they arrive, freeing staff time to work on student programming curriculum. And while we appreciate our individual volunteers (more than we can say!), it is music to our ears when 25 dedicated people show up at once. With the large Citrix ShareFile team, projects can be initiated and completed in a span of 3 hours!

Over time SEEDS business partnerships grow into friendship, where SEEDS staff and volunteers develop personal relationships and loyalty not often seen during business hours. We hope that through the volunteer process, Citrite volunteers experience the same value that we feel. Maybe through SEEDS, volunteers learned new skills around gardening and building chicken coops. Maybe volunteering kindled anew love and respect for their gardens, play, and the outdoors.

SEEDS counts our blessings in numbers of volunteers who are willing to invest their time maintaining our garden classroom. The Citrix ShareFile volunteer group is one of those great blessings we continue to count.