Citrix ShareFile 2013 year in review

For all of us here at Citrix ShareFile, 2013 was a great year. We worked every day to find new ways to support our customers and their needs, and while it’s difficult to narrow it down, I’ve picked 10 achievements that made ShareFile a better product in 2013:

1. 24/7 support

We now have support available for our customers around the clock, every day of the week, all year long. It doesn’t matter what hour of the day (or night!) it is, you can always get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable customer support team.

2. Folder sync in the ShareFile Mobile App for iOS and Android devices

In our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, you can now sync an entire ShareFile folder down to your mobile device. With folder sync, you can always have the latest version of your files at your fingertips.

3. ShareFile Sync for Windows

Our improved sync tool works directly with your local file structure, so you can interact with your files and folders just like you normally do while still keeping everything perfectly synced to your ShareFile account.

4. New ShareFile design

We completely redesigned the look of the ShareFile web application. We wanted to make ShareFile more intuitive to use, particularly for new users or for those who only use it occasionally. With that in mind, we created a more organized structure with our new Inbox feature, and we simplified common workflows, such as sending files to multiple users.

5. RightSignature integration

You can now securely send documents for signature directly from your ShareFile account, and ShareFile will upload the final copy once all parties have signed it. Getting necessary signatures has never been this easy.

6. Favorite folders

To make a folder a ‘favorite’, just click the star to the left of a folder name, and you’ll have quicker access to the folders you use most often. Even better, your Favorite Folders tab follows you wherever you go in ShareFile—in the sync tool, the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, the widget and even on your mobile device!

7. In-app preview

With enhanced file-previewing capabilities, you can fully preview all word processor, spreadsheet and presentation files directly in your browser within seconds of uploading. To preview a file, just click the magnifying glass next to its name.

8. ShareFile Knowledge Base

Our new updated Knowledge Base has improved search capabilities and even more ShareFile information at your fingertips. You can even search the Knowledge Base straight from the help page in your ShareFile account.

9. Archiving

ShareFile users in the financial industry can now disable the standard deletion process and replace it with an archiving function to use their ShareFile account in a way that meets government and industry regulations.

10. Product feedback

We hope you love ShareFile, but we also want to hear ways we could make your life even easier. Through the ‘Give Feedback’ link on the help page in your ShareFile account, you can directly let our product design team know exactly what would make ShareFile better.

Looking back, 2013 certainly was a great year. Here’s to making 2014 just as amazing!