10 years of ShareFile: a look back from employee No. 6

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of ShareFile, and it’s remarkable to look back at our growth and history. From just Jesse Lipson by himself at the beginning to an acquisition by Citrix and moving to a new office in downtown Raleigh, ShareFile has seen a lot over the years.

When I started as the sixth employee back in 2008, I never could have imagined where we’d be in 2016. I was early in my career and looking to move to Raleigh, when I interviewed at the then small start-up ShareFile office. At the time, the snacks and the video games were different from any office environment I’d ever seen, so I decided to give it a go.

From that moment nearly eight years ago, I’ve seen a lot change but I’ve also seen a lot stay the same.

A culture that stands the test of time

The coolest thing about ShareFile, and now Citrix, is that our culture is still pretty much the same. And I think we ended up with Citrix because of that similar mindset about culture. While it’s no longer possible to have one job that wears thirty different hats like in my earliest days (I did everything from customer care to the monthly newsletter and nurturing trials), it is possible to still find people just as willing to do all of those things.

You can swing by and tap people on the shoulder and ask them a question, and you’ll know that they’ll stop and help. Everyone is just as open to helping and hearing you out now that we have 600 people in the office as when we had six.

And we still have someone leading the charge who cares. Jesse Lipson isn’t the kind of person who demands your respect; he constantly earns it. He won’t ignore you, and he’s always there to answer questions. That’s true now, and that was true when it was just him and his dog with a doggy gate at his office door back in 2008. His calm leadership style bleeds into the organization no matter how big it gets.

So, so many product changes for the better and for the right reasons

Way back when, ShareFile was just a web app. There was nothing you could download ¾ no plugins, no sync. It was just a browser. Now we have plenty of tools, tons of integrations, and we aren’t even just in the cloud anymore with our on-premises options. All of these changes happened because of open conversations with and suggestions from our customers. Things I never imagined ShareFile could do, it can now. I’ve been so glad that over the years we haven’t lost the driving philosophy of listening and engaging customers.

Now as a manager in our customer care team, it’s amazing to see what that can mean. We had a customer recently send $100 gift card to a representative just because she went above and beyond. But we feel that for us, above and beyond should be the normal, not the exception.

It’s been a fun ride over the years with ShareFile and Citrix, and I’m excited to see where we go in the future. We’ve had six different office locations in 10 years, and we’ve ended up not even a half-mile from where Jesse started at the beginning. We hit our first BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) within 10 years, and I’m excited to help us try and hit our new one just as quickly.