Half a million photos in 97 seconds: a time-lapse video of building the Citrix Raleigh office

Now that the new Citrix office in downtown Raleigh is officially open for business, it’s time to see how far we’ve come. While crews were busy transforming the former Dillon Supply warehouse into our new-generation modern workplace for up to 900 Citrix employees, we captured their progress using time-lapse photography with GoPro cameras set up throughout the site. After more than half a million photos, here’s the full look at the construction progress from beginning to end.

“The decision by Citrix leadership to make Raleigh a ‘Tier 1’ location will help us both retain top local talent and attract top talent from elsewhere, which is good for people and great for our company. One of our core cultural beliefs is to be an incubator and a driver of innovation. We love being first – so being first into a neighborhood that is being reborn is a perfect fit for us. Having a workplace like this will ensure that we attract and retain the very best people and that innovation, and the resulting business growth, will continue to thrive and prosper here in Raleigh.”Jesse Lipson, VP and GM at Citrix