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Since the acquisition of Citrix ShareFile, we’ve had many reasons to feel optimistic about the future of the file transfer service and its potential. With the strength of Citrix behind it, the possibilities for innovation are endless. On the other hand, another advantage to Citrix’s acquisition is that ShareFile can bring a secure file transfer solution to the already broad suite of virtualization products Citrix provides.

Citrix Receiver allows users to access their published applications from any number of devices, including their tablets, phones or PC. With ShareFile now playing a part, your documents are available along with all of your applications. Need to edit that PowerPoint presentation before you get in? Receiver with ShareFile integration will allow you to open up Microsoft PowerPoint on your tablet and then open any PowerPoint files you may have saved within your ShareFile account! With a quick edit and save, the presentation is saved back into your ShareFile account and ready to be opened in the conference room PC where you are giving your presentation.

With Citrix’s acquisition of the collaboration application Podio, ShareFile brings further value into the evolving Citrix world. Now if you are working with your team on a project, you can easily store and share the necessary files that you may all need access to, right in your team’s Podio workspace. Files are still stored using ShareFile’s secure encryption methods with all the functionality users are used to and can be easily worked on by your team.

ShareFile’s constantly expanding integration into current popular applications is a key factor in the Citrix vision. It will be exciting to see where the vision leads to next.

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