Check out our Citrix ShareFile makeover

Citrix ShareFile is getting a new look, and you’re invited to try it out!

New updates to the ShareFile web app will make it even easier to find the files you need, and ShareFile customers are invited to get a special preview.

To take a look at ShareFile’s updated design, add /beta to your ShareFile web address and log in to your account using your normal email address and password.

If you normally log in at, you will navigate to to see the new interface. The beta preview is fully functional, so you can use all your favorite features and tools.

The first time you log in, you’ll be able to tour some of the changes, including:

*Improved navigation at the left of your screen

*Help and Logout links in the top right corner

*New options for sending files to individuals and groups

This design update will be released to all accounts in a few weeks as  part of our ongoing effort to make ShareFile an easier, faster and even better solution for your business.

Your feedback is very important to ensuring we can offer the best updates and new features to keep you, your teams and your clients working together seamlessly. To tell us what you think about the new look and new features, please use the bright green Feedback tab on the right of your ShareFile web app screen to submit comments and suggestions.

  • Edwin van den broek


    The new Sharefile webinterface is looking great ! Could you also provide some more details or release information regarding the CIFS and Sharepoint connectors within the webinterface ? This is something we are still missing within the environment and has been asked for many times…

    Thanks !

  • Hi Edwin- Thank you for your feedback and inquiry. We’ll have someone from our team reach out to you to further discuss. Thanks again!